Landmark Professional Mortgage, NMLS # 150040
10000 NE 7th Ave. Suite 395
Vancouver, Washington 98685

LPMC has been serving the community for over 30 years. We are locally owned, we lend our own funds and work directly with our underwriters in our offices to keep the loan process fast and easy. Access to nearly every loan program allows us to serve our clients regardless of what they're looking for, or what type of financing they might need. Manufactured homes, remodel loans and first/second combos as alternative to jumbo are all no problem.

We regularly help our clients with zero down and low down payment loans, as well as down payment assistance. Recently we added a 1% down payment option to better serve our community and help our clients make home ownership a reality.

With a variety of bank lines and wholesale lending partners available, we're able to shop our clients' loan terms on 20 different rate sheets, providing the benefits of comparing interest rates without the buyer spending time to do so. Its even possible to work with credit scores as low as 550. In short, we have many options and research diligently to ensure our clients receive the most competitive loan terms available.

Perhaps most importantly, we're available and we communicate. Curtis understands that real estate transactions often occur on nights and weekends, and he is always available to guide buyers through the lending process. Please call, and he is happy to help in any way possible, even if its just answering questions.

Think Local. Think Landmark Professional!

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Curtis Gerke
Mortgage Loan Originator
(360) 521-1910
NMLS #150040

NMLS 150040

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