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  • Rod Barker

Tips for 1st Time Home Buyers

  1. Get Pre-approved- Contact a lender to determine your financial “next-steps” toward getting pre-approved. We often recommend local mortgage brokers because they have many options of available financing and down payment programs.

  2. Determine how much you will need for a down payment.

  3. Save funds for inspections and earnest money

  4. Collect documents such as completed taxes, proof of income, bank statements, etc

  5. Find a Real Estate Broker that is knowledgeable and can help you through the home buying process.

  6. Where do you want to live?

  7. How close to work?

  8. In the country?

  9. Near Whole Foods?

  10. What type of home meets your needs based on:

  11. Price range?

  12. # of bedrooms

  13. Levels

  14. Dual living

  15. Fenced yard. . . .?

  16. Tour homes- have fun but be respectful of the seller’s home.

  17. Wait until leaving before making comments about the home.

  18. Try not to use their bathroom.

  19. Leave lights and doors as they were found (whether they were open or closed or off.)

  20. Determine if each home will work for the needs of your family.

  21. Make an offer- read all of your docs

  22. Inspections: determine what type of inspections are best

  23. General home inspection

  24. Radon, asbestos or lead

  25. Sewer Scope

  26. Pest and dry rot

  27. Underground tank,

Closing/ Moving- get ready to pack!

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